XANO develops, acquires and operates manufacturing businesses with unique
or market-leading products and systems with related services.

Business units


Latest reports

  PDF-icon_small.png   XANO_2020-Q1_ENG.jpg   Interim report Q1 2020
  PDF-icon_small.png   XANO_2019_sustainability-report.jpg   Sustainability report 2019
  PDF-icon_small.png   XANO_2019_ENG.jpg   Annual report 2019
  PDF-icon_small.png   XANO_2019-Q4_ENG.jpg   Year-end report 2019
  PDF-icon_small.png   XANO_2019-Q3_ENG.jpg   Interim report Q1-Q3 2019
  PDF-icon_small.png   XANO_2019-Q2_ENG.jpg   Interim report Q1-Q2 2019


Upcoming reports

Interim report Q1-Q2 2020
Interim report Q1-Q3 2020