XANO develops, acquires and operates manufacturing businesses with unique
or market-leading products and systems with related services.

Business units

The XANO share

As from 8 June, the XANO share will be traded after 2:1 stock split.

XANO's annuel general meeting decided on 10 Maj 2017 to increase the number of shares by carrying out a stock split in relations 2:1 with record day 9 June 2017. The share is traded under the new ISIN code SE0009973449 (previously SE0000119224) with effect from 8 June 2017.

After the stock split, the company's total number of shares is 14,093,490, distributed between 3,644,400 Class A shares and 10,449,090 Class B shares. Each Class A share gives entitlement to ten votes and each Class B share to one vote. The total number of votes amounts to 46,893,090.

The company holds 280,000 of its own Class B shares.


Financial information