XANO acquires Polyketting

14 May 2018 13:00


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XANO has today signed an agreement concerning the acquisition of Polyketting Holding B.V. with subsidiaries, located in Zelhem in the Netherlands. Polyketting will be a part of XANO’s Industrial Solutions business unit.

The operations of the acquired companies comprise the development, manufacture and sale of automation equipment, primarily conveyor systems and accumulator units, for the packaging industry. Polyketting's products and systems are contiguous to Fredriksons' automation solutions for packaging handling. The acquisition will bring additional expertise to the operations of the Industrial Solutions business unit as well as access to new market segments. A close working relationship between the companies will strengthen the individual entities and the shared resources will enable them to provide the market with complete solutions and the capacity to execute large-scale automation projects.

The purchase price, paid in cash, amounts to EUR 2.7 million. Acquired total capital amounts to approx. EUR 3 million, of which EUR 0.8 million constitutes equity. During 2017, net sales totalled just over EUR 8 million with an operating margin, non-recurring items excluded, of 8 per cent. The number of employees is 60. Polyketting will be included in the consolidated results from 1 May 2018.



Lennart Persson, CEO
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