Board of Directors

Group management


A registered auditing company, or one or two auditors of whom at least one must be an authorised public accountant, must be elected by the shareholders’ meeting to examine the company’s annual report, the consolidated financial statements and other financial statements as well as the administration by the Board and CEO.

The 2019 AGM elected the registered auditing company Ernst & Young AB, Jönköping, with authorised public accountant Joakim Falck as auditor in charge, for the term of office up until the AGM in 2019. Joakim Falck (born 1972) was appointed auditor in charge for XANO for the first time by the 2015 AGM.

Shareholders' meeting

The shareholders’ meeting is the forum in which the shareholders’ influence is exercised. It is the company’s highest decision-making body.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) assembles once a year in Jönköping, usually in the beginning of May, in order to decide on matters such as the adoption of the annual report and consolidated financial statements and to decide on the allocation of profits from the previous year. The meeting also elects the Board of Directors and auditor.

According to the Articles of Association, notices convening a shareholders’ meeting must be issued through advertising in the Official Swedish Gazette and on the company website. Confirmation that notices convening the meeting have been issued must be published in Dagens Industri.

Nomination committee

A nomination committee was appointed at the 2019 AGM consisting of Ulf Hedlundh (Chairman), Anders Rudgård and Anna Benjamin. 

The task of this committee prior to the 2020 AGM is to nominate a Chairman of the Board and other Board members, auditor, a chairman for the AGM and to propose fees for the Board and auditors.