For XANO, sustainability is a natural part of business. The Group’s units are working systematically to achieve sustainable development that creates value, by striking a responsible balance between the needs of customers and other stakeholders on the one side and care for the environment, people and a sustainable economy on the other. The Group’s core values – entrepreneurial drive, long-term thinking and technical know-how – form the basis for the decisions that are made.

In order to be profitable, it is important to use all your resources with care and to work efficiently at every stage. As a consequence, sustainability has always been a core of the Group’s operations, even though the work has not been defined in this way before now.

Over recent years, the trend among the Group’s customers – of taking an interest in sustainability and placing demands on their suppliers – has become increasingly tangible. The starting point in the Group’s structured work regarding sustainability is, as far as possible, to satisfy the customers’ needs without compromising as regards either the environment and people or profitability. The preconditions for a sustainable operation are generated by committed and responsible employees.

Personnel and social responsibility

XANO must be an attractive workplace, where everyone is treated equally and fairly.

Group companies respect the ILO’s core conventions, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Global Compact. National legislation regarding minimum wages and overtime, as well as fundamental environmental, health and safety requirements are complied with. XANO’s code of conduct outlines the rules that apply to Group companies and their employees. The code of conduct and its application are developed and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Group companies strive constantly to enhance the skills of their employees, including through educational programmes within the XANO Academy.

Most Group companies are affiliated to occupational healthcare services where employees are offered regular health check-ups and, if necessary, a review of workplace ergonomics, rehabilitation studies, etc. In addition, Group companies provide fitness benefits adapted to each company’s specific personnel composition and workplace conditions.


XANO is constantly striving to achieve sustainable development through environmentally aware choices. The Group’s companies must be sensitive to both the wishes of customers and market requirements, and at the same time work continually to reduce environmental impact through active choices of materials, processes and transportation methods.

Environmental factors
Factors affecting the environment resulting from the Group’s operations include, for example, emissions into the air and water, waste, wastewater, noise, packaging and transport. The Group’s business, manufacturing processes and products are of such a nature that the environmental risks are considered to be limited.   

Focus on energy-saving
Energy consumption is both a major expense and an environmental issue for the Group. Reducing energy consumption over time is therefore important from both a profitability and a sustainability perspective.

Business ethics

XANO does not tolerate corruption and bribery. Group companies respect ethical business practice and comply with the Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute’s guidelines as to how gifts, rewards and other benefits associated with the business world may be used to promote the company’s operations.

The Group is promoting open communication with both employees and the outside world, without breaching current regulations or jeopardising the confidentiality of trade secrets or of individual personal data.

The Group is carrying out risk mapping in selected areas and, where this is considered a priority, starting up and conducting activities alongside customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Work is also conducted to ensure that the Group’s core values are well-known and firmly established in the operations, as well as to implement the sustainability policy.

Ongoing quality improvements

The work relating to quality within the Group is decentralised and each company has its own quality organisation. The quality and delivery reliability of the products and services of the Group’s companies constitute a vital competitive factor. The Group has therefore established an overall goal of consistently offering products and services of a high, uniform quality on time.

In order to achieve quality targets, ongoing investments are being made in the form of skills development and the upgrading of production equipment and processes. Suppliers and other joint venture partners are selected on the basis of quality, while activities within marketing and sales are carried out in such a way that the expectations created amongst customers can be met. Most of the Group’s companies are quality-certified in accordance with ISO 9001 with internal and external controls and auditing. Several companies are also certified within certain fields, such as welding to international standard ISO 3834 and deliveries to the automotive industry to international standard ISO/TS 16949.