More space for plastic

Strengthening of resources at Resinit
Resinit’s new assembly hall was completed in June 2016. This extension was particularly welcome, bearing in mind the rapid expansion the business has enjoyed in recent years. The conditions are now in place for the XANO Group’s rapidly growing plastics processing company in Västervik to continue its excellent development.

Room for expansion
During the summer of 2016, the assembly department moved into the new part of the factory. One of the major advantages was that floorspace was freed up in production, providing space for another five-axis robotised mill along with a tool changer containing 120 spaces. This reinforcement means that Resinit is safeguarding its capacity and can ensure delivery reliability over time.
       The company also invested in a green laser marking machine for permanent marking of plastic components. This equipment is a valuable addition to the operation, bearing in mind the fact that requirements regarding traceability are increasing within two of Resinit’s largest customer segments, medical technology and food.

More efficient flows
Those who work with assembly, aftersales and logistics are probably experiencing the most marked difference. The new extension includes a quadrupling of the area, dedicated assembly stations, a temperature-controlled room purely for gluing and a large clean room with space for both large series and further assembly.
       This is generating significantly higher capacity and improved flows for supplementary services such as assembly, gluing, washing, adding putty, packaging, stock handling and burring.

Energy-efficient operation
In addition to the actual premises, the extension project encompassed energy-efficient operating solutions such as LED lighting, ceiling radiators and energy-efficient fans, which have already resulted in a 20 per cent reduction in energy consumption.