Business concept

Business concept

XANO will develop, acquire and operate manufacturing businesses with unique or market-leading products and systems with related services. XANO will own niche engineering companies that have industries in northern Europe as their principal markets. XANO will generate value for shareholders by exercising both active ownership and management by objectives.


XANO will develop, acquire and operate niche companies and through active ownership create added value for shareholders. Manufacturing will have a high technical content in order to satisfy customers’ demands. This requires XANO to operate within well-defined niches. The level of service and delivery readiness will be high. XANO companies will strive to develop long-lasting relationships with both customers and suppliers. XANO will have a sufficiently large market share within each niche to be an interesting partner for both customers and suppliers.


XANO will be a leading player within selected market segments. XANO will create strong units of companies with optimal synergy utilisation.

Financial targets

XANO’s organic growth will surpass general market growth. In addition, businesses and companies will be acquired. The profit margin will amount to 8 per cent during an economic cycle. The equity/assets ratio will exceed 30 per cent.