All-inclusive packaging handling systems

Within many sectors, customers are now asking for suppliers who can assume total responsibility and supply complete systems and installations. The packaging sector is no exception. Bearing in mind this consolidation trend, XANO’s acquisition of the Danish company Jorgensen Engineering A/S has come along at exactly the right time.
       The automation company Jorgensen has several points of contact with other companies in XANO’s Industrial Solutions business unit, which obviously was the primary reason for the acquisition. The conditions exist here for a rewarding exchange of expertise.
       Jorgensen, whose operations are based in Odense, Denmark, is a niche operator within pharmaceutical and food packaging, with just about all of its sales going to export. The company’s competitive edge lies principally in its extreme flexibility combined with a solutions-oriented attitude and targeted project management. Jorgensen conducts installations all over the world, although Europe constitutes its main market. Its main competitors are to be found in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.
       “With XANO behind us, we are stronger and can establish a better negotiating stance in relation to the major international players,” considers Jens Nyeng, managing director. 

From single machines to complete solutions
The company’s history dates back to 1933, and the business has always focused on food. Since the 1990s, Jorgensen has developed technically leading packaging handling systems, above all for customers in the milk powder, food, pharmaceuticals and pet food segments. In other words, equipment that handles everything from pouches, bottles, glass jars and canned goods, to aluminium trays, cartons and pots.
       Developments have shifted from focusing on the manufacture of individual products to the delivery of integrated all-inclusive solutions.
       “This means that instead of delivering the units one-by-one, we combine a number of machines and robots with each other, with the result that we achieve a significantly bigger deal,” explains Jens Nyeng. 

Holistic approach
This approach is fully in line with NPB’s, Canline’s and Fredriksons’ operations. Jorgensen and Fredriksons both work with automation regarding filled packages, with customers primarily in the food industry. Jorgensen’s machines interact with robots throughout the production line, as well as with the control of the processes: from filling and sterilising the content, via sealing, visual inspection and measurement of watertightness, to packaging and palletising.
       For many customer categories, the fact that the contents correspond with that which is stated on the packaging is literally a matter of life and death. As a result, traceability, documentation and quality control are incredibly important criteria, as well as being areas that Jorgensen genuinely masters.
       Jorgensen consequently possesses valuable overall expertise, which can also benefit Fredriksons, NPB and Canline in their work with packaging manufacturers. With shared resources, the Industrial Solutions business unit is able to offer the market complete solutions and capacity to perform extensive automation assignments – an important competitive advantage. The business unit companies have launched a number of collaboration projects within areas such as product development, sales and purchasing.