Added value all over the world

Extended collaboration between Canline and NPB strengthens the market position

The high demand for all-inclusive suppliers continues to be the dominant trend within the packaging sector. Extended collaboration between Canline and NPB is creating a unique market position for the companies’ joint offer, including service and installation work all over the world.

Canline, which manufactures industrial conveyor systems for the handling of lids and cans, has been part of the XANO Group since 2015. The company was acquired to make it possible to offer more complete solutions within the Industrial Solutions business unit. The matching with NPB’s automation equipment for lid handling was immediate, although in 2017 the two companies further strengthened their joint position on the market. 

“We have developed fantastically well together and win a very high proportion of the assignments we compete for,” says NPB’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Magnus Wigenstedt. 

Unique advantages

It is rare to be able to offer all-inclusive solutions within NPB’s and Canline’s market niche, which has provided the two companies with a significant competitive advantage. 

“The number of assignments we can count on winning has increased substantially since Canline’s conveyor system came into the picture. We have always had a good reputation on the market as a committed supplier, and we have now further strengthened this reputation by becoming a more complete partner,” says Magnus Wigenstedt. 

NPB and Canline conduct installations and perform service work all over the world. The concept includes a factor based on Industry 4.0, which has created a valuable relationship with customers. The service includes more than just a classic maintenance agreement. During installation, the machines are connected to a server, which then gathers a large volume of monitoring data. The results are checked each week and reported to the customer. 

“We detail anything that may need to be corrected in order for their process to become as efficient as possible. The ongoing weekly dialogue is incredibly valuable. We can see that our customers value the additional help they are receiving, the fact that we are more accessible and that they can obtain spare parts much more quickly, for example,” observes Magnus Wigenstedt. 

Development through Industry 4.0

The collection of data from the installations also serves to increase internal expertise within NPB. The machine analyses create good conditions for constant improvements and long-term relations. 

“We have learned a great deal about how the machines can be improved and we have the potential to draw valuable comparisons with previous customer assignments,” states Magnus Wigenstedt. 

A calling card for NPB has been that it is always the company’s own personnel who are on site, carrying out both installations and service work. The company will continue to adopt this approach in order to maintain control over the entire assignment and, in combination with the collection of data, to provide security for the client.