XANO develops, acquires and operates manufacturing businesses with unique
or market-leading products and systems with related services.

Group operations

The XANO Group consists of niche engineering companies offering manufacturing
and development services for industrial products and automation equipment.
The Group is represented in the Nordic countries, Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland, China and the United States.
The Group’s operations are divided into the business units Industrial Products, Industrial Solutions and Precision Technology.

Business units

Development and manufacturing services

About half of the Group’s operations are made up of manufacture in the form of direct assignments from customers. The majority of the Group’s companies have service functions at their disposal, which make it possible to carry out complete assignments for customers, covering areas such as project management, design, manufacturing, assembly and distribution. The goal is always to achieve the best production economics and functionality, regardless of whether this relates to an individual product or a total solution.

Many of the Group’s companies have successfully developed their own product ranges within their respective fields of expertise. In consequence of acquisitions as well as focused efforts on complementing and refining the Group’s own product ranges, growth for these has been strong in recent years.

Customer-specific manufacturing

The manufacturing services within the Group are concentrated around various methods of producing products from metal and plastic. Plastic products are made through rotational moulding, machining and injection moulding. Some of the Group’s companies process metal using methods such as turning, milling and long hole drilling. Laser cutting, punching, edge pressing, pressure turning and welding are the methods used to work sheet metal. Parts with special purity requirements are manufactured and assembled in environments adapted for the purpose. The Group also possesses extensive experience of highly complex assembly. Logistics services include storage, packaging and distribution either using the customer’s own packaging or directly into the customer’s manufacturing process.

Proprietary products

Systems that automate and rationalise customer production processes are manufactured within Industrial Solutions. The design and development of control systems and electronics, as well as fine mechanical assembly, are carried out in-house. Parts that enhance the functionality and service life of furniture, fittings and rehabilitation equipment, for example, also undergo constant development within the business unit. Within Industrial Products, there is a wide range of boats and marine products as well as containers and material handling solutions for industrial purposes.

Business concept

Core values

Entrepreneurial drive

The most important common denominator of XANO companies is a profound entrepreneurial drive. The units have flat organisations, swift decision-making procedures and short solution lead times. Management is down-to-earth and accessible, and makes clear that all employees are expected to make an active contribution. XANO’s role is to support the companies so that their innate driving forces produce the best possible results.

Long-term thinking

XANO believes in strong relationships. Consequently, the Group invests long-term in its companies. This gives each unit opportunities to develop and maximise their resources. This approach is reflected in customer and supplier contacts, in which long assignments and close collaboration result in successful projects.

Technical know-how

Each company in the XANO Group is unique and the products cover a broad spectrum, ranging from components for analysis instruments to complex packaging equipment. The companies are market leaders and at the forefront of their niche. Several have in-house-developed products that no other company offers. All XANO companies are distinguished by their advanced technical content, dedication to service and expert engineering advice.

Business concept